Tina Olari

A fine, unique and elegant style…

Tina Olari, Haute Couture designer is internationally recognized and awarded as Official Designer for global beauty contests. Her collections shined on grand podiums of the world as Dubai, Milano, Barcelona, Madrid, Romania…

Wedding Dresses

It all starts with an idea, a delusion, a dream. The design catches life in the sketches and after that, with great talent and dedication, we create the perfect dress.

For the dress to be unique, we apply Swarovski crystals, manual painting, laces and embroideries. In the Tina Olari workshop we work with top quality materials from Spain, Italy, Japan, India, France, etc.

Evening dresses

The creations of the romanian designer regardless if they are evening dresses, weddng dresses or casual dresses, are representing the woman in her sensual, fascinating, refined and elegant essence.

Creations for kids

The uniqueness of every creation, impregnated with soul, dedication and professionalism makes it like every Tina Olari customer to feel in the choice made a memorable unique experience in a refined, unique and professional environment. In addition, for three years, Tina Olari designed also with success baptismal dresses, ceremmonial dresses and communion costumes for kids.


Discover your sensuality with a Tina Olari creation!
In the actual Showroom Workshop in Cluj-Napoca, Tina Olari offers renting, purchase and custom tailoring on demand for her creations and exclusive care for each customer.

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